“I have loved my sessions of Equine Bowen training with Liz. It’s clear that she has been around horses all of her life and it’s that experience which has given her the ability to see, & subsequently pass that knowledge on, anything that isn’t quite right on a horse’s body. When you are training your own eye to see the conformation that isn’t the best or the pastern that is a bit too long, it’s Liz that you want mentoring you. Her confidence in Equine Bowen as a treatment modality is infectious, in turn leaving you feeling that you too can treat a horse with the Moves that you have learnt from her.”  Lorraine Wood

“When I was looking for the next step of my spiritual journey, I felt really drawn to enquire about Liz’s Shamanic Healing Course.

I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

Firstly the course was affordable which was a huge plus!

Secondly I found Liz to be an amazing teacher and mentor throughout the whole course.

Her knowledge and delivery and professionalism were impeccable and I found the course easy to follow with her guidance.

I would totally recommend her services!” Polly Harnett

“I have been so lucky to find Liz as a Bowen therapist for my pony Buttons. He has been holding on to a lot of tightness over the years as a result of a lot of trauma and I wanted a treatment that was gentle and non invasive. 

Liz has an amazing understanding of Buttons and is very gentle with him, during  Buttons’s treatment Liz always allows him time to process each phase.

Since Liz has been treating Buttons he has become softer and generally more relaxed. Buttons always allows Liz into his space and enjoys his treatments.

Liz is a lovely, genuine lady who has a wealth of experience with all types of horses and ponies and I would recommend Liz to anyone.” Liz & Buttons