I am a registered equine and human Bowen therapists as well as a shamanic practitioner and all my courses are accredited.

I have been working with Bowen for the last 28 years and I run a college to train equine Bowen practitioners. I am also a shamanic practitioner with over 15 years experience and my training is based in the South American traditions.

I have always loved horses and have ridden since I was a child. I used to run my own yard, alongside my family, for many years, which was based in West Sussex. We competed our home bred horses to a reasonable level of success and my enjoyment came from producing the horses and watching them compete whilst my sister Jane Stickley rode them. Over the years we bred some beautiful horses including some which went on to compete and succeed at a reasonable level. Although I no longer own a horse I do bring many years of experience and knowledge to equine Bowen.

In 1997, I first saw the Bowen technique, demonstrated at our yard, by a lady who was training in Bowen. Her children were learning to ride with us and she very kindly offered to work on one of our injured horse’s, who had a neck injury. She performed a few moves on our horse’s neck and within 3 hours the horse had full movement in her neck again. It was at this point I knew I must learn to perform Bowen.

In 2007, as my work progressed and I did more and more Bowen I realised I was able to bring more to the table. A friend of mine was training to do some shamanic work so I went along and thoroughly enjoyed it. I then went on to train as a shamanic practitioner. In 2012, I was incredibly fortunate to spend some time with two amazing men, who came over from Peru and did some training with me. I then was very lucky to have the opportunity to visit Peru in 2017 and continue my training with them.

In my spare time I enjoy training my lovely Labrador Snatch and competing her in some low level gundog working tests. I also enjoy walking my 3 Labradors and connecting with nature, seeing the seasons change and enjoying the countryside.