What is Bowen?
The Bowen technique uses a gentle rolling action over soft-tissue to potentially create a signal to the brain. 21st century science is beginning to demonstrate a non-intrusive approach with no adjustment or manipulation can aid balance in the body.

What are the key points of Bowen?
– There is no manipulation or adjustment
– It is different from massage
– The experience of Bowen is gentle subtle and relaxing -this is what makes the Bowen technique unique  – Relief is regularly felt immediately
– Most cases respond within 48 hours
– Chronic conditions may take longer than the average for sessions.
– Treatment plans are implemented following a full client consultation
– Bowen is a therapy choice for the University of North Durham NHS pain management clinics

Human Bowen
The Bowen technique has been reported to positively help with a number of factors including :
– Pain management
– Sports injuries
 – Acute and chronic back pain
– General aches and pains
– Sciatica
– Frozen shoulder and tennis elbow
– Whiplash
– Asthma
– Hayfever
– Headaches
– Sinus
– Stress and tension
– Digestion
– Chronic fatigue
– Heel and foot pain
– Quality of sleep
– Mood elevation

How long does a treatment last?
A typical treatment session will last approximately 60 minutes. Following a full consultation with your practitioner your treatment will begin in this will consist of specific gentle rolling moves across soft tissue often through light clothing. Unique breaks are incorporated into the treatment where you are left to rest. The body is able to rebalance itself at this time.

Bowen for horses
A treatment for a horse will generally take a little longer the first time a practitioner comes to you as we assessed the horse fully. We are not vets or physiotherapists and because of that we do not diagnose. The equine treatment follows a format similar to the human with specific moves on areas moving the facia with a gentle rolling action the brakes are a very important part of the treatment as they allow the body to assimilate what we have done. As a practitioner I can see reactions during the treatment. Some of those reactions are yawning stretching skin ripples and a general relaxation of a horse’s body.

Students who decide to come to me to train to do the equine Bowen will be trained on a very similar line to the college of Bowen run by Julien baker. You will spend approximately 15 days over the course of a year with me learning to do the moves and understanding what can happen during a treatment and the things that we can help with, looking at how the horses respond and how they react to what we’re doing. I expect my students to have a full knowledge of the workings of the horse and and relatively confident around them as sometimes a horse can react differently during a Bowen treatment to how the owner thinks it will react. You will learn the moves, some extra moves and hopefully there will be lectures from farriers and saddlers that are Bowen advocates. To complete the course you will have to have completed 20 case studies all with three treatments each and the last 3 before your finals to include a human rider and the horse as I feel very strongly that sometimes the rider has a detrimental effect on the horse without them realising it. Alongside the case studies you will have to have completed a couple of essays explaining how Bowen can help with certain conditions.

If you are interested in the Equine Bowen course, please contact me.