A modern non invasive therapy for all types of horses and ponies.


Following on from the article in the latest issue of Rider Magazine from the British Riding Clubs - Liz Bridger our local therapist talks about how she has helped one of our member's horses - and how many others could benefit as well.

The Bowen technique has moved very successfully over to horses from people and is having similar exciting results with all types of injuries. Problems, both short and long term, have responded well to the Bowen Technique.

Bowen has had success with:

•   Reluctance to bend

•   Napping

•   Bucking

•   Rearing

•   Incorrect lead in canter

•   Sore backs

•   Lateral work

and many other problems


Liz Bridger has been involved with horses all her life and is a fully qualified BowenEquus practitioner based at Stedham, West Sussex. The Bowen technique is a hands-on holistic therapy which, through a series of non-invasive moves over muscle and connective tissue allows the body to reset and heal itself. The equine treatment (called BowenEquus) has been adapted from the human treatment initially pioneered in Australia.

As Liz explains: "Every horse owner has heard stories of long-term complex difficulties that do not seem to want to respond to the best and sincerest healing attempts. BowenEquus seeks to boost the body's own natural healing capabilities assisting it to adjust and balance itself. I have worked all my life with horses and have seen really good horses not performing as they should. This can happen in any discipline from polo to dressage, pony club to driving and even your trusty hack. I wanted to do something to help them and so I studied the Bowen tech­nique which has helped hundreds of thousands of people and was getting good results on animals."

Liz trained with Ian Fields of BowenEquus and firmly believes the technique gives every horse the chance to become the athlete he deserves to be. The technique can help horses of all types and ages, from Shetlands to Shires, yearlings to veterans. Because the holistic approach treats the whole of the horse and not just affected areas, it can help horses from all types of disciplines, whether polo, eventing, hacking or dressage. "Most modern domesticated horses suffer from some degree of muscular of skeletal imbalance which manifests itself in different ways - high/low head carriage, stiffer on one rein, heavy on the hands, saddle slipping, muscle wastage, restricted lateral movement moving too close or wide behind and many more," she said.

One horse she treats on a regular basis is Annie, a big 17hh skewbald homebred mare who has been successful at riding club elementary dressage level. She had an extravagant movement with a slight dish on both front legs. She had been making good progress until around two and a half years ago when she was kicked in the field. "The injury required several stitches to her head and left her very stiff and holding her head permanently to the right. To try and correct this stiffness, she had a Bowen Technique session which had an almost immediate effect and soon Annie was holding her head straight. It was because of this amazing result that I looked into be­coming a practitioner and qualified 12 months later. Since then I have treated her on a regular basis because she has a lot of problems with right half pass and the treatments enable her to carry out these advanced dressage movements without tension, Jane, her owner, can now work on her on a regular basis and she is improving in leaps and bounds."

For more information contact Liz Bridger:

01730 815531 or 07740 544011

46 Common View, Stedham, Midhurst, West Sussex GU29 0NX